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Municipal legal matters often require the aid of an attorney. Some of these charges can seem like simple tickets or fines, but they can often create a criminal record for individuals that can impact them for years to come. Let our legal team work with you to avoid as many of these complications as possible. Depend on us for frank, honest advice about your legal situation.

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Dedication to our clients is our priority with every case.

Don't face DUI charges on your own. With prior training for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and as a prior Municipal Court Prosecutor, you can depend on us.

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With our 24-hour phone service, as well as Saturday and evening appointments, we are here for you when you need us. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. When you call on our attorney, you'll get the support you need. You'll have a trusted, experienced attorney working by your side no matter what the charges are. Whether you need help with defense or fines, we are here. Trust us to help with all legal matters, including criminal defense and family law.

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Trust an attorney with 20 years of experience in law and 15 years of experience in defense.